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Ozone Therapy

Reduce Inflammation | Promote Healing

Acupoint Injections with Ozone
Ideal for Acute & Chronic Conditions

Pain Management

Balance and Restore Your Mind-Body Connection

Homeopathic Therapy

Headaches | Back Pain
Soft Tissue Injuries | Neuropathy

Hands-On Therapies

Recover Your Health | Restore A Sense of Wellbeing

Holistic Health Solutions

Acupuncture | Cupping | Medical Massage
Functional Strength Mobility | Infrared

Homeopathic Solutions

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Injections
B12 Biopuncture | Flu Shot Preventatives
Immune Support | Herbal Supplements

Vitamins | Minerals | Liniments

Probiotics | Liquid Tinctures | Pain Salves
Oriental Herbal Medicines
Natural Hormone Supplements

Physician Grade CBD

Quality Organic Natural
Liquid | Edibles | Pain Balms
Anxiety | Insomnia | Stress



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Wednesdays & Fridays 10am to 4pm

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Covid-19 Essential Care Hours
Wednesdays & Fridays. 10am -4pm 

TeleHealth Appts. Available
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am-4pm
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Community Acupuncture
The 3rd Saturday of
every month 10-2

Welcome to Acupuncture

Pain Management

In the midst of opioid addiction, we are highly focused on helping patients heal and manage pain without prescription medication. Ask about holistic treatment plans that include ozone therapy, acupuncture, medical massage, and CBD oil.

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Women’s Health Care

Looking for holistic solutions to balancing hormones, infertility, menopause symptoms, pain associated with menstruation, fibroids, or endometriosis? Learn more about acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional support.

Health Insurance


Most major insurance plans now cover acupuncture. To find out if you're covered, click the link below and enter your information into our HIPPA secure site.

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