Homeopathy is based on three principles.

  1. ‘Like cures like’. Something that in large doses creates the symptoms of a disease, will, in small doses, treat it. This is similar to the theory behind vaccines.

  2. Extreme dilution enhances the medicine’s healing properties and eliminates undesirable side effects.

  3. The whole person must be taken into consideration when choosing a remedy.

How Homeopathic Herbs and Solutions are Made

Homeopathic medicines are obtained from a precise and controlled process of successive homeopathic dilutions. They are commonly made by crushing a plant, animal, or numeral substance then putting it into a solvent such as grain alcohol. The extract is then further diluted in a mixture of alcohol and water. (Solid products can be diluted using lactose.) The process is repeated many times to achieve a therapeutic dilution. After each dilution the mixture is vigorously agitated in a machine or by hand to deliver a calibrated amount of shaking. This is called succusion. Homeopaths believe that the process of succusion is critical to assuring the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Chinese Herbals, Vitamins, and Natural Restorative Medicinal Vitamins

Natural Restorative Medicinals are herbal botanicals that include a combination of vitamins, minerals, Chinese and Native American herbs formulated by naturopathic doctors. They are designed to support and restore physical and emotional health. As Acupuncture physicians, we are aware that some life stressors are necessary for normal physiological functions. But when stress becomes chronic, it negatively impacts our health. Among the many causes of this disorder is deficient nutrition. Stress is often tied to anxiety and in many cases to blood sugar control. Stress is only one main example to receiving natural plant based medicinal support.

As you know, most of us do not get all the nutrients our body needs. This creates ‘nutritional gaps” that if not filled, can lead to various symptoms. Herbal medicine makes for an excellent supportive combination with acupuncture treatments aimed to relieve Stress and restore balance in your life. As well, all our natural restorative medicinals helps supply the nutrients necessary at taking care of many other specific ailments including lowering anxiety and control blood sugar.

Why choose our formulas over other supplements?

Our Medicinal products are tested and proved to be effective in several medical practices.

Purity and potency is tested according to FDA good manufacturing procedures (GMP) requirements. Raw materials are carefully selected and sourced from reliable companies that maintain high-quality products. Doses are based on the latest scientific studies and we offer pocket friendly prices without compromising on quality, purity and bioavailability of the products.

How are ChahAcuTherapy Natural Medicinals Different from Store Brands?

  1. Compatible: We match or have better-priced goods as other store brands, plus we offer drop ship service to our established patients.
  2. Compliance: We discovered patients find our products to be unique, effective, and of great quality and often not switch back to store brands.
  3. Credibility: Clinically Tested Products that follow the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  4. Contains no added sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, additives, corn, wheat, yeast, soy or dairy.

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on cultivating harmony, seeing ourselves and our world as a whole, and considering everything in context. Herbal therapy, next to dietary therapy, is perhaps the most widely used TCM treatment modality. Traditional Chinese Medicine relies on herbal therapies both for the treatment of illness, and in the optimization of health and prevention of disease.

For every ailment humans or animals may experience, there is a path toward relief that occurs naturally in the world. Traditional Chinese Medicine involves the study and use of relieving these ailments with natural herbs and a healthy diet. Dr. Chah focuses on integrating TCM with Western medicine to achieve the best possible outcome.

Types Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Decoctions

The most traditional method of preparing an herbal formula in China, decoctions can involve lengthy preparation and result in “teas” infamous for their strong taste and aroma. For these reasons decoctions are not as popular or as widely used in the west.

Herbal Powders

Can be mixed with hot water to make a tea; are convenient to prepare and use, and are not as pungent as traditional Chinese herbal decoctions.

Chinese Patent Formulas & Teapills

Pre-made herbal formulations in that are made in a pill or tablet form; perhaps the most widely used form of Chinese herbal medicine outside of China.


Soothing preparations for coughs and sore throat, as well as a convenient way to administer herbal formulations to children.

External Applications For Pain Relief

Liniments, salves, compresses and plasters.