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At Chah Acutherapy, we certainly look forward to meeting you in person. We understand that if you've never experienced acupuncture before, or you are looking to remedy a specific problem with the help of a knowledgeable and dedicated acupuncture physician, hearing from patients and staff first hand is both educational and inspiring.

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Maria Chah


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Bet Walker, AP

Maria is a competent, hardworking, caring, and responsible practitioner. She is a teacher, who takes the time to explain to her patients what she’s doing and how they can continue to improve their health. I’ve always felt better after receiving a massage or acupuncture from her.


Melody A Martin, EA

I was suffering almost every day from headaches, body pain, and fatigue. I am only 31 years old, and I was beginning to feel run down and as though it was just my body aging. I thought there wasn’t really anything I could do to help it, until I had a consultation with Maria. She was very intuitive, asking me questions my doctors never had, and I could tell that she genuinely cared about my well being. I had never received acupuncture therapy before, so I was both a little nervous and somewhat skeptical that it could offer me any relief. Maria was understanding of my hesitance, and explained to me not only how the therapy works, but what specifically she would do during my session so there were no surprises. I was, least to say, shocked when after only a few of the acupuncture needles had been put in place that my headache melted away! It was like magic to me! After my first treatment, I remained headache free for over 5 days.

Maria also addressed my chronic fatigue, and made suggestions for me to begin with adding some new habits that would help alleviate it. Along with identifying foods in my diet that were zapping me of my energy, she made excellent recommendations such as simple switches that were not only easy for me to follow, but delightfully more satisfying. She also introduced me to another form of treatment she offers, which she also taught me as an at-home practice with heat therapy, to stimulate energy, called moxa. It has pretty much replaced my morning cup of coffee...which for me, is huge.

So far, I have received 4 treatments from Maria, and every time I have been amazed at how effective her blend of therapies has been for me. Although I hadn’t previously considered “acutherapy” as an option worth exploring, I have not only been proven wrong- I have become an advocate for it as an integrated form of treatment for everyone who is experiencing an imbalance in their life.



Maria helped me immensely. I was having really very uncomfortable symptoms of insomnia, heart palpatations, and anxiety. Little did I know it was due to my thyroid being out of whack. After about a month of weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies I did a complete turnaround. I am sleeping much better and throughout the night. I still wake up but not like I used to and I get back to sleep immediately. My anxiety and heart palpatations are gone. I am so happy to feel normal again. You have no idea how uncomfortable those symptoms were and the fact that I healed so quickly based on her energy work and herbs is a miracle. Now I can focus on other things than my health, like my business, relationships, and enjoying life! Throw away your prescription medications and get yourself a treatment from Maria!



I came to you following the death of my mother. I was not handling the grieving process in a healthy way. After staying in bed for six months; gaining 35 lbs, and having doctors tell me I needed to be on anti-depressants; blood pressure; diabetes; cholesterol; anxiety medications, etc, I decided to try acupuncture.

When I came in for my initial consultation you asked me what it was I wanted you to do for me, I said, “To quiet things down in my mind, my body and my soul”. It felt like a brushfire was going on throughout my entire body. Not only was my heart broken but so was my body. On my first acupuncture session, it was like a balloon that was slowly being deflated for a much-needed release. It was then I knew there was something powerful to acupuncture. I knew I was in good hands and continued to see you for the next six months.

During an exam, you suggested I see my doctor regarding having my thyroid checked. After blood tests and thyroid biopsy, I was diagnosed with autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroid with multiple nodules and possible removal of my thyroid. I am so grateful for your knowledge because it explained a lot of what was going on with me.

Through your care and guidance, I am healthier and lost 22 lbs. I have overall improvement in my lab work to include shrinking of my thyroid nodules. I hope to maintain this by continuing treatment with you. I still miss my mom terribly and I know that will never go away, but I do so in a much healthier way thanks to your healing hands and guidance. I feel in some small way...she led me to you.

I am forever grateful.


On Yelp By A User

Maria has been treating me for a few months now. She is the best!!!! I had been on medications for years, and it did not help. I have felt the difference since I’ve been coming to see her. My mood is a lot better and my overall health is a lot better as well. I truly believe that there are other options than taking medications now. Acupuncture really is a wonderful thing. I can’t thank her enough.


Kathleen Freytag

Chronic shoulder pain and psoriasis led me to seek alternative medicine for help with these conditions. This search led me to Maria Chah at Chah AcuTherapy office for treatment.

After a very informative and productive phone consultation, I scheduled an appointment. My first appointment, one of many, in June resulted in reducing my shoulder pain immensely and began Maria’s quest to find a solution for my psoriasis, an auto immune disease.

With Maria doing some research on this condition and my weekly visits, the results with each visit gave me such a sense of relief. I finally found a professional who could actually give me a noticeable change in my condition. The results of these weekly visits and consultations with Maria were amazing I am feeling so much better, externally as well internally, under Maria’s excellent care incorporating her acupuncture methods and introducing me to probiotics. Healing me on the outside as well as on the inside was a to-fold method to combat this auto immune disease.

In reviewing my history to try to bring some relief from my persistent psoriasis, I realized that I went to the dermatologist for over 200 visits, bi-weekly, with no remarkable improvements. I have been with Maria for less than 20 visits, weekly, and my psoriasis is 95% improved. This treatment that I received from Maria has make such an amazing difference in my quality of life. Chah AcuTherapy is one of the best methods of treatment I can think of and would highly recommend this alternative type of therapy/medicine. Maria is a very caring, understanding, skilled and knowledgeable therapist and I feel very fortunate to be under her expert care and will continue to work with Maria.


Bonita Vergara-Jones

Anyone who lives with constant pain, knows that pain “killers” do exactly that, kill. They numb you and dull your complete enjoyment of life. Nothing really helped my dislocated, herniated disc pain. Nor the constant sciatic pain from hip replacement that caused severe imbalance do to the “settling” of the replacement. That was until I began receiving acupuncture from Maria. Had it been anyone less capable, I may never have returned. Soon, that very first visit, my fears of the “needles” was put to rest. Maria has a very caring and gentle use of a talent that many wish they had. She shows sincere concern and sets you upon complete assurance of her ability and expertise in her very well chosen field. I could not recommend anyone more than I can Maria. You can be assured that you will be treated like the only patient she has. And, you will leave by the second or third visit feeling like you are ready to challenge any feat you have to conquer.