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Dad Bods are a Gift!

By Jennifer Troyan & Maria Chah, DOM, AP

This June we are focusing on men/fathers. Yes, we are talking about Yang energy. Fathers are known as manifesters, procreators, generators, and protectors. Men use all these qualities. They roam our territories for safety, protection, and provisions. This is innate within them or once could say it is in their DNA. They also manifest independence for self and others. Men can show the expansion of things (taking us away from the bosom).

Think of the sun – the father and the son. The sun warms us, just like fathers do. This is a powerful energy in our lives, and we want to honor that energy and their presence. No one is perfect and we expect so much from our fathers. Sometimes they are present and sometimes not. Sometimes they don’t know about us (it is different than being a person who can actually give birth). This is where the energies are balanced out. Fathers help us grow up and out.

The Yin and Yang of things – like the sun, it is something we cannot touch.

Merriam-Webster defines Yin & Yang (or 陰 and 陽 in traditional Chinese characters) as: of, relating to, symbolizing, or being the Chinese principles of yin and yang.: being or comprising opposite and especially complementary elements.

Be the MOON in their SUNSometimes, it’s men taking action and it’s Dads doing something to root us on. In the military its men sacrificing their lives to provide and protect (yes, other people take on this role too).

Loving fathers build confidence and motivate us to do our best. Yang energy is about expansion. Summertime is a great example of Yang energy. We (and nature) are flourishing from the hard work of spring. This is the time to take clothes off (well, wear less of them), go swimming and play. This is right up Dad’s alley! It is time to reap the fruits of our labor. This is the time to think about cooling foods such as cucumbers and watermelon. Maybe we ease up on our stress a little and take some much needed vacation time.

Let’s be kind to men. They generate a lot of heat, have more muscle mass and are meant to pull twice their weight. They need massage and acupuncture too. You can give this to your dad as a gift! Help them learn or continue to honor and nurture themselves.

What’s the opposite side of nurturing? Men can be out of balance and can be aggressive. It comes back to cultivation. Often men are expected to be strong, and I think their feelings may go unacknowledged at times. Anything left unchecked goes awry. In today’s culture it is not as unchecked as it used to be yet there are cultural and societal norms that we cannot ignore. We are encouraging you to help men and not just “expect” they are ok or don’t need support. We all do at points in our lives.

Men (or anyone reading this article): Consider honoring yourself, remembering your body, and your process along with your body’s natural functions.

Father’s Day is this month, so let’s take a moment to honor them. Happy Father’s Day! We wish you the best and most of all happiness and peace. Continued strength. Know who you are and honor that.

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