Gut Health and Immunity Treatment Protocol Includes:

Enhancing the immune system with Acupuncture

If you are experiencing constipation, loss of appetite, excessive sugar cravings, or uncontrollable bloating and fatigue then this program is for you. Are you embarrassed to socialize because of sudden bowel movement urgency? Is your state of health ruling your life style? If so, then it is time to learn more about how to better manage your gut. Even though most Americans have occasional bouts of excessive gas and bloating, over 95 million Americans suffer daily with some type of gastrointestinal issue. Even worse, Americans are beginning to accept symptoms like acid reflux, chronic bloating, and abdominal pain as part of lifeʼs stressful norm. Itʼs no surprise living this way can bring rise to more serious conditions. Daily fatigue, gas and bloating are not normal, including other physical discomforts like headaches, allergies, joint and muscular pain. These symptomatic conditions are common warning signals most likely stemming from your Gut.

The following are a few examples of bulleted diseases that are classified as cellular phases and all characterized by defective enzymatic function, healthy bacterial flora blockages and/or defective cellular oxidation.

  • Paresis, neuralgia, toxic neuritis, vegetative dystonia, migraine, headaches
  • Dermatosis, neurodermitis, pruritus (including pruritus vulvae), psoriasis, vitiligo, 
pemphigus, sclerosis, Arthritis, Thrombocytopenia, leucopenia.
  • Bronchial asthma, respiratory, chronic and degenerative diseases
  • Gastric problems, duodenal ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver and hepatic disorders, 
pancreopathy, Nephropathy, e.g.,( nephrosis and chronic nephritis).
  • Myocardial impairment, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, cerebral sclerosis
  • Dysfunction and deregulation of endocrine glands, e.g.,( diabetes 
mellitus, hypothyroidism, Adrenal fatigue).
  • Precancerous and dedifferentiation phases: (neoplasm phases; within any tissue 

During and ensuing X-ray and radioactive exposure (several enzymes, are sensitive to 
When improvement of enzyme function, bacterial flora, and cellular oxidation occurs, many types of gut syndrome issues are resolved. Our Acupuncture wellness program offers natural ways to rebalance and restore digestive functioning without masking the symptoms. It is time to Stop feeling “Fed up” being tired, uncomfortable and living with constant foggy thinking. Our detox and immune boosting program can rid many of your everyday digestive discomforts including other aches and pains. All you need to do is make a few simple lifestyle changes, commit to our detox program so you can start feeling healthy again and even shed some weight.