It’s Showtime for Acupuncture in Wellington, Florida

As Wellington welcomes back the equestrian community for the 2018 Horseshow and Polo Season, Lake Worth acupuncture physician Maria Chah discusses how acupuncture therapy and bodywork can benefit riders, trainers and grooms. While amateur and professional riders initially seek out acupuncture for back, hip or knee pain or injuries, many are also catching on to how techniques and therapies such as cupping and bio-puncture can improve their overall athletic performance and wellbeing.

Acupuncture has been in practice for thousands of years. The evidence collected based on those who have undergone this form of treatment has shown that it offers effective relief for many common ailments, including back pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, and joint pain. Ancient Chinese warriors found it so effective that they even began using this method to treat their war horses before and after battle to ease their anxiety, strain, and suffering.

Because many modern-day equestrians give of themselves so fully to embrace their lifestyle, many riders and equine caretakers experience chronic fatigue, muscle bound aches, and back and joint pain from the daily toll it takes to be a part of that life, and many of them are already having their horses treated with acupuncture, though they have not necessarily considered it for themselves! And why is that? Perhaps it is because we have been conditioned to believe that western medicine is the only way to go when it comes to human health... Perhaps it is because equestrians’ pain is so deep that they think acupuncture won’t be as effective as pharmaceuticals... But whatever the story may be, the evidence shows that acupuncture is an exceptional tool to use, either alone or in conjunction with western techniques, to relieve even some of the most unbearable pain. How so?

Since acupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation and increase circulation, it triggers the body to utilize its own healing abilities, rather than merely cutting off the pain signals to the brain as many pharmaceuticals do. The pain relief experienced through acupuncture arises from the actual culprit of the pain being addressed by the body as it works to heal the source of the pain. This means that the effects are longer lasting, and that the body is actually brought to a strengthened state such that those who use it are able to get back to the life they love much quicker! Equestrians who only use pharmaceutical pain relief must rest longer in order to allow their bodies to heal over time, which means they risk further injury if they choose to go riding too soon.

With unique body work techniques such as bio-puncture (acupuncture needles treated with high quality homeopathies for targeted therapy) and cupping (heated cups used at specific points on the body to increase circulation), Dr. Chah can support riders in living their lives fully and getting them back in the saddle with limited downtime. A consultation can be scheduled by calling her office at (561) 249-0447.

Contributor: Melody A. Martin