Giving is a Matter of the Heart

By Maria Chah, DOM, AP & Jennifer Troyan

Today we are sharing about the heart, which is the fire element in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is depicted as the color red. The heart-fire element systematically moves your blood which is your life force and helps everything in your body function properly. In TCM, your heart/love is the Emperor/King within your body and runs everything. All of your body’s organs defer to the heart and will even sacrifice themselves to tend to the heart.

What can you do with love? Without love, how long can you sustain? The heart hardens and physical issues show up. It is important to nurture your heart and love yourself (and others if you can). Keep everything flowing so your body functions as it should, just like a company, country or government, etc. runs.

The embers of fire are deep within. Sometimes you hear people say, to get over the fire you have to walk through it. This reminds me of a favorite quote from poet Robert Frost, “The only way out is through.” We have to face and deal with the things that bother us, face our issues (or demons and goblins) and then we can move forward.

Why is important to take care of our hearts? The heart is the King and ruler of everything. A way to support your heart is through acupuncture. It is wonderful because it calms the central nervous system and gets your head out of the way so the heart can rule. We are affected physically when we don’t align with our heart. More research is coming out about this now, which is helpful. Everything is tied together. I once heard in a show that there is a theory that there is an invisible red line connecting all of us to each other and all things in the universe. I think it is interesting that the line is red - for our hearts!

To optimize the best care, it is important to factor in three major components of life, we call it the trilogy axis: mind, body and spirit. Adding the emotional component, we thought we’d tie in the upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving. The heart rules in giving, hence ThanksGIVING. Yes, it feeds our bodies and it feeds our hearts. We know that food is love in many cultures, all day, everyday so we want to remind you to be mindful not to eat yourself into oblivion. It’s all about balance!

Here are two all-natural Chinese herb supplements you can take to help your body digest and process your holiday meal, relieve stress while supporting your liver and heart:

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Note: This is a reputable site we recommend for these Chinese herbs. We are not receiving an affiliate commission from this company.

  1. Chai Hu Shu Gan Pian: (BupleuriLiverSoothe™) - Best for stagnated emotional stress, supports a healthy mood and live Qi (energy)
  2. Tian Wang Bu Xin Pian (HeartVigor™) - Nourishes the tired, exhausted heart by supporting it, replenishes the blood, calms the nervous system, and helps with sleep.


Both herbs help the healing process of the heart and stuck emotions.


These herbs are not a “one for all” use and are specifically prescribed for individuals that are diagnosed by an Acupuncture physician - seek medical advice for diagnoses or treatment. There are many reasons people have stress and how it affects each individual.

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Enjoy the holiday and the time you have during Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful time for gathering with family and friends. You can call upon the energy of Fire for strength and love. I found another quote that goes well with this article and sums up everything nicely. Author John Green says, “As the poet Robert Frost put it, ‘The only way out is through’ And the only good way through is together. Even when circumstances separate us - in fact, especially when they do - the way through is together.”

Stuff into existence, starve into extinction. There is a beautiful balance between giving and receiving.

Be kind to the heart and have joy.

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