A New Year, A New Commitment to Self-Care

harmonious balance2018Many of us make resolutions to kick off our year as a way of riding the wave of inspiration that comes with being given a clean slate. And many of us are beginning to understand that our resolutions are not only important to us, but to those who love and support us. In the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Dog – a time of loyalty, unconditional love, and support. While some of us have goals to be more active, lose weight, or eat healthier, what we often fail to see is that the real goal we are aiming at is self-care through preventative health measures.

It should go without saying that the healthier we are, and the healthier we feel, the easier it becomes for our minds and spirits to enjoy life to the fullest… We enter a harmonious balance.

So in addition to being more active and eating healthier, there is another resolution you and your loved ones can explore that is actually very easy to keep and can lend toward finding harmonious balance with thriving energy. It is an all natural and proven way to boost your immune system as well as mitigate pain, stress, anxiety, and other common ailments. Accomplishing a well-balanced thriving life takes regular maintenance, and receiving monthly acupuncture treatments is a highly effective option you should consider adding to your preventative healthcare routine.

Think of it kind of like keeping the oil changed in your car. Sure, you can ignore it for a while, but the symptoms will start to show like smoke blowing from the tailpipe or the engine beginning to sputter. Eventually, without regular maintenance, that car will stop running. Preventative healthcare routines are similar in that they are essential to our bodies being able to keep moving forward through life with ease. A routine acupuncture care plan can bolster your other preventative efforts to help protect you against unhealthy surprises.

Don’t wait until your body is broken to get it fixed. Keep your commitment to yourself and your loved ones, and step into a routine that is proven to support health and well-being. Our office can be reached at 561-249-0447 to discuss your care plan options. We look forward to supporting you toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Contributor: Melody A. Martin

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