acupuncture injection therapy

Acupuncture Injection Therapy (Bio-puncture)

America is presently dealing with an Opiate overdose problem of which more Americans are sicker than ever before recorded.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT), also known as (Biopuncture), is a combining mechanism of acupuncture point stimulation with homeopathic injected substances. This is considered a synergistic protocol that allows natural botanical liquid medicine to inter the body through specific acupuncture points. The advantage of AIT is how the method of biopuncture allows substances to by-pass the first effect of the digestive system. This permits dose reduction therapy to the body at faster cellular uptake with no side effects. The only side effects that occur would be due to any allergic reaction which is avoided by performing a preliminary allergy test prior to injection therapy.

As physicians of natural medicine, we view medicine as a catalyst to the individual’s innate power of self- healing. The main concept to Biopuncture therapy is to administer minimal number of dosages. Acupuncture physicians, certified in Biopuncture therapy, are masters at understanding ailments based on patterns of deficient or excess nature. By choosing specific acupuncture points with minimal dosing, homeopathic substances are able to travel the meridian channels via trajectory routes to the vital organs. Hence, the term “Biopuncture” therapy is the named protocol for Acupuncture Injection Therapy. By-passing the digestive process allows the body to better utilize it’s energy towards cellular efficiency. In todays allopathic medicine protocols and excessive rich diets most Americans experience toxic symptoms of consumption overdose. Meaning, the human gut is over worked. It takes up to 50% of the body’s energy just to breakdown, transform and transport what it consumes. Continual over consumption creates a systemic burden to your health and Biopuncture is one method that can give your digestive system a welcomed break. A perfect reason why ChahAcuTherapy administers Homeopathic Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT); a 21st century medicinal method that offers your body a chance to resolve, restore and rebalance its own health issue with the most natural form of botanical medicine available today.

* Depending on state of health and chief complaint, a customary series of 5-10 weekly Injections with acupuncture care are recommended for longer lasting results.