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Holistic methods such as acupuncture are one of the many holistic methods people have used to help their bodies fight COVID-19. It’s said that people get sick or cannot fight diseases because their immune systems have been compromised. Chah Acupuncture uses various holistic methods to treat these imbalances and buffer people’s immune systems to keep them healthy.

The treatment must counter the virus that is attacking and compromising an individual's immune system. Below we will discuss some of those treatments Dr. Chah’s clinic supports.

Sleep and Covid19

It is important to make sure you have ample time to sleep because with the proper amount of sleep the immune system can fight infections that cause diseases. If you get proper sleep your immune system is in a position to fight incoming viruses and other disease-causing mechanisms. Sleep also supports the immune system which helps it to bring current viruses to a healthy outcome. Sleep deprivation will weaken the immune system and make the body more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Vitamins and COVID19

Vitamin D

Two studies have suggested that people have a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 due to Vitamin D deficiencies. It was suggested that some people may have greater protection against testing positive for Covid-19 with higher than normal levels of vitamin D in their systems.

Another study found that more than 80% of people who had Covid 19 tested for a Vit D deficiency so there may be a correlation between Vit D deficiency and getting the Covid virus. Yet another study found that those with Vit D deficiency had a 7.2 % greater risk of testing positive for Covid 19. These studies were observable studies only and the proper levels for Vit D have not been determined to safely say that a person would not contract Covid 19.


Realistically, Zinc may have antiviral abilities that help cells fight viral infections. Zinc may improve cell immune function by stopping Covid 19 to spread.

Furthermore, a study conducted in Spain, found patients with Covid 19 were less likely to die from Covid 19 who had higher levels of Zinc in their bloodstream. This may mean that Zinc may slow down the progression of Covid 19 to the point that it will not kill patients. Overall Zinc does improve immune system function and even though it hasn’t been proven that Zinc will help patients not to contract Covid 19 it cannot hurt to take Zinc supplements.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C does help immune function and there are doctors in Italy and China who are using IV vitamin C trials on patients suffering from Covid-19. The results have not been finalized to determine if Vitamin C will help the immune system to fight Covid-19 or not.

Support Treatments to Help with Covid 19

1. Massages

Massages loosen the inspiration muscles which when they are tight make breathing hard. Massages loosen these muscles which aid in breathing which is critical when the body fights Covid, a virus that restricts breathing.

2. Active lifestyle

An active lifestyle can help to keep the body and immune system healthy and functioning at optimum levels. Part of an active lifestyle is to keep muscles stretched out and limber allowing blood to flow freely through the immune system. A well-balanced aerobic conditioning program will go a long way in helping a person remain healthy.

3. Walk in Nature

A study reports that people who spend about 120 minutes in nature a week have healthier lifestyles and a more positive outlook about the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Less stress

There are a few guidelines to help relieve stress during the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t obsess over negative reports about the state of Covid-19 in the country. Follow reliable sources such as the CDC, World Health Organization, and local health communities reporting about Covid-19.

5. Booster Shot

Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT), also known as (Biopuncture), is a combining mechanism of acupuncture point stimulation with homeopathic solutions. This booster shot will help your immune system.

6. Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy targets damaged soft tissue so patients can avoid surgery. It can help with many medical issues including neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, and arthritis to name a few.

7. Acupuncture

Several studies have found that acupuncture can assist in fighting many elements associated with Covid-19. It can help to improve the breathing of Covid-19 patients, especially post Covid ailments.

Acupuncture and Chah Acutherapy

Is acupuncture painful?

If done properly, acupuncture needles will not be painful. Acupuncture needles are flexible and are about as wide as a thick piece of hair. As skilled Maria Chah is, she will insert the needle below the surface of the skin and the patient will not experience any pain.

Benefits of Acupuncture

1. It helps to manage arthritis, fibromyalgia, CTS, and other work-related conditions. It can also help with colds, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

2. It is beneficial for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. It will also help with weight loss, eating habits, and gastrointestinal issues.

3. It will reduce or even eliminate skin conditions such as rashes, psoriasis, hives, and eczema.

4. Cardiovascular issues can also be helped by acupuncture.

5. Addictions can be curbed by acupuncture as well.

Chah Acutherapy will help you with different payment options for treatment.

In conclusion, there are several primary and supportive holistic treatments to help people battle Covid-19 and you will find these treatments available at Chah Acupuncture.