Today’s topic is all about the trilogy axis. What is that you ask? I didn’t know either but then realized I did but was unfamiliar with the terminology. We say this because we want to remind you that you know more than you think you do. We want to help you with this. For me, I am learning as we go along, just like you. We all are.

The trilogy axis is mind - body - spirit. We are all healers but of our own bodies. Practitioners facilitate the natural healing of our bodies. The truth is, we do all the heavy lifting. We are all responsible for ourselves and we get to do the healing work. If you think about it, the human body is quite remarkable and when you add in the mind and spirit connection, now we are getting somewhere.

Our mind, body and spirit are linked, and they work together or against us at times (or you could say out of harmony). It is up to us to do what we can for our own health. As you see in the diagram above, we are at the center or heart (pun intended) of it all. When all are working together in harmony, we are at peace and able to experience good health among many other benefits.

How to Feel Less Stress, Refresh Your Thinking and Develop a Self-Awareness Healing Lifestyle...with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)...

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for about 3,000 years and has some of the oldest medical writings on herbs and healing that exist. These days, more people are realizing this approach to a self-awareness healing lifestyle and all the benefits that go along with it. A big component of any self-healing involves self-assessing.


How to Self-Assess symptoms and signals of the body and what they mean...

1. Changing Roles as a Healer...Begins with YOU! Learning is key to developing a less stressful (or dare we say stress-free) life. You can Upscale your health practice with ancient clinical wisdom and learn to Cultivate a TCM perspective approach for Self-Care healing. There are so many ways to educate yourself:

  • Working with a practitioner that is “all in” with your well-being is a great option (HINT: Call Dr. Maria! She’s a great resource and a wealth of information and healing tips. Time with her is well spent.).
  • Read books, articles, or blogs (like this one!). There are some great books on Chinese Medicine/Self-Healing. There are other styles of course and today we are talking focusing on this one.
  • Documentaries, videos, shows online/streaming/TV. There are even Apps on your phone to use.
  • Take a class (see end of this article for a good option) on health, wellness, healing, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, learn about herbs, etc.
    Tai Chi is considered a martial art while Qigong is considered a system of wellness. Both involve movements promoting energy flow throughout your body.
  • Find what resonates with you because that is when you know you are on the right track.

2. Generate New Habits of Awareness. This is where we recognize unbalanced energy patterns that keep us stuck in deficient and/or excessive Wellness habits.

  • What are the wellness habits you want to create? What is your overall goal?
  • Start a list of what you want to be aware of, beginning by STARTING SMALL! Make a few small changes to start so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. It is not too hard; maybe a bit of the unknown, which is okay.
  • Think of what you can do differently. For example: if your “go to” for lunch is pizza every day, what if you had a nice salad once or twice a week? What if you found out that you actually like it and how it makes you feel? What about starting with a really good detox to kick start your self-healing? Check thisarticle out (There is a detox you can try in this article). Trust us, your body will thank you.

3. Nourishing Connections. A valuable skill that teaches you how to Self-Assess the signals of the body and what the signals are wanting you to know so you can live and generate a vibrant healing life.

  • TCM offers many ways to help you strengthen your connection with your body. Modalities such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and other preventative measures which may include Chinese herbs.
  • Self-acupressure. Regular massages. Reflexology.
  • Meditation. Breathing techniques. There are many forms to try.
  • Lifestyle, diet, and exercise based on your TCM diagnostics and health intention.
    Try Tai Chi and Qigong you may discover an amazing experience of a renewed yet calm sense of energy.
  • We will be addressing this topic specifically in our next article which will talk about body memory and immersive guided meditation for Nourishing connections and its pivotal part of your self-care.

Consider keeping a journal for your health. Write down your action steps to apply the principles shared above. Keeping a journal or notes is also very helpful when meeting with your practitioner. Giving them information on what is going on with you and your trilogy axis (mind-body-spirit) is valuable information you can give so they can provide you with the appropriate treatments at that time.

The trilogy axis is the nourishing connection that plays a key to self-care. Having these components in harmony gives you the highest opportunity to live your best self. This is the body’s innate need and what our soul truly wants.

Our body is our vehicle, so the more we can learn about it and its basic function; Like what it needs to thrive and maintain harmony to better assist our mind and spirit parts of the axis as well. There is much for us to learn and there’s plenty to research on health. Begin by connecting with any good practitioner that feels safe and open to alternative health options. Share and be curious with knowledgeable people on topics of interest, and go to Dr. Maria’s website Events page. Here you will discover her available courses and community events.

Most importantly, ask yourself, go within and pay attention. You have all the power. We can also take lessons from our pets and observe them. They live in the present moment. Pay attention to them. They honor their bodies all the time. Check it out and see. They stretch when they need to, eat when they need to, groom when they need to, play when they need to, rest when they need to, and on.

They even go to the bathroom when they need to. Let that be a lesson for the people holding “it in” to go at the right time. No! Go when you need to! 🙂 I’m just saying, we can learn from them in many ways.

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These ideas are just the beginning to take your health practice and your life to the next level. Stay tuned for more in next month’s blog.

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