In recent years, the FDA has been strengthening their warnings on the regular use of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. This is because of growing concerns about their side effects which have been tied to an increase in the risk for heart attack and strokes, gastrointestinal issues, and sudden kidney failure in those with kidney disease. Each week, over 60% of Americans are taking some form of NSAIDs for pain relief, despite the warnings that have been being published with growing regularity.

To address these warnings, more and more experts are lending their voices to these concerns in talks with their patients and have begun recommending alternate treatments for patients who suffer from different forms of chronic pain, including acupuncture. Case-controlled clinical studies at the University of California San Diego have shown that acupuncture has been an effective treatment for a vast number of ailments and diseases including headaches, neck pain, and back pain, to name only a few.

With the growing evidence to support acupuncture as a safe form of treatment, both proactively and preventatively, and the growing evidence against the safety of NSAIDs, why are 60% of Americans still ignoring these findings? Perhaps because they simply still haven’t heard about it… If you or someone you know is still regularly taking NSAIDs for pain relief, please set an appointment for consultation with us, and Dr. Chah can discuss natural pain solutions with you, such as homeopathic biopuncture, to begin moving you away from these common pharmaceuticals that are costing you your health. You can set an appointment here, or by calling 561-249-0447.

By Melody A. Martin