Your Body is a Gift!

By Maria Chah, DOM, AP & Jennifer Troyan

This month we are introducing a very important topic: Body Memory & Somatic Coaching (more on this another time). Are you thinking about your body and the gift that it is? It is our vessel or vehicle that we require to be in this world, and we use this vehicle much like a car. Just like you get in your car to arrive at an appointed destination, our body works much in the same way. You do regular maintenance for your car to keep it running smoothly. If you are reading this there is a good chance you are doing something to take care of your body. Pat yourself on the back!

Consider honoring yourself, remembering your body, and your process along with your body’s natural functions:

  • Everyday cells in our body are dying. Not to worry, this sounds ominous however it is how the body operates. Our bodies work every day to continue serving us. As many cells that are dying are being reproduced.
  • Your body’s cells rejuvenate. They are always changing. If you think about it, the body you have now is not the same body you had when you were a baby, toddler, teenager, a person in your 20s, 30s, 50s, 80s and on. It is always changing. Your hair changes color. You may have been born with blonde hair, yet it turns dark. Then maybe gray.
  • This is a factor in why an Acupuncturist checks your pulse. It informs them of things happening in the body. They can detect meridian imbalances (aka silent issues) or help with prevention or as I like to think of it, preservation.
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on nature. For example, your knees might hurt when it rains. Your body is retaining water, feels heavy, and might be more stiff. We like to compare it to nature - think of a tree. Certain tree types thrive in specific environments. We are the same. A tree that grows in an environment that is damp and cold is typically going to be stiff. Palm trees are flexible so they can handle the wind. Factor in eating different foods and understanding that your environment is shaping you. Remember: being flexible is best.
  • Always try to keep “YOU” in the present moment - with your cells and your energy. One can learn about the expression of cells with a hair analysis.
  • Trees are shaped and designed from the seed and the roots. They are shaped by their environment: the air, rain, water, and sun all contribute to their shape and health. Same for us!
    • Merriam-Webster defines Yin & Yang(or 陰 and 陽 in traditional Chinese characters) as: of, relating to, symbolizing, or being the Chinese principles of yin and yang.: being or comprising opposite and especially complementary elements.

As we approach a wonderful holiday this month that is Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to honor them. Happy Mother’s Day! We can mothers by giving a gift of wellness and knowledge. For all the mothers out there, it’s time to nourish yourself. You can have regular biweekly or monthly acupuncture maintenance. This is a great natural resource for soothing stress, reducing rapid aging as well as contribute to your overall health and peace.

Let’s honor ourselves too! We can work towards being in balance, accepting our worthiness and giving our bodies a chance to thrive.

A special message from Dr. Maria...

Mother Earth’s nature is a forever forbearing, life-giving energy. So are our mothers who are the primary internal containers for all human birth. Mothers of human life equally are Yin nourishing elements continuously planting thoughts of goodness, grooming our soul’s innate state of wisdom, and always cultivating safe space for that deeper sense of belonging. A mother is the Yin quality which by nature obtains and maintains nourishing energy for her birth seeds of life to flourish. Mother’s Day is our time to place attention and gratitude for our mothers who have and continue to share their unconditional nourishing nature of Love and devotion.


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