Juliette Shen, Acupuncturist Physician

Juliette Ying Shan Shen, Acupuncturist Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Juliette received her training at the esteemed Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where she received over 3200 hours of rigorous and intensive training in both Eastern and Western medicine. She accomplished 980 clinic hours of hands on practice where she treated a full spectrum of ailments and disorders and was awarded a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She graduated Valedictorian and earned summa cum laude.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ying Shan had an extensive training and experiences before she came to US. She grew up learning about acupuncture hands on under supervision of licensed acupuncture physicians in Taiwan. As a young adult, she interned in monasteries helping farmers who could not afford to go to hospital. She learned varieties of schools of acupuncture from other doctors.

Ying Shan combines the Asian healing art with modern technology in order to enhance the treatment experience. Dr. Shen’s treatment plans may include methods and modalities such as Master Tung, Balance Method, Microdermal therapy to relieve pain in conjunction with acupuncture; TENS stimulator to relax muscle tension and regenerate damaged tissue; and other modern modalities.

To be on top of the latest research, Ying Shan involves herself in extensive seminars, workshops and conferences. She takes pleasure in researching for her patients and acquire further knowledge to provide well developed and tailor-made program for each one. Getting to know each patient as a friend is her stepping stone to the art of healing because she believes building trust, faith and friendship is the key to accurate and successful in-take. With her warmth and genuine interest in each patient’s well-being, she works to gain her patient’s confidence while understanding the broader holistic picture of his or her health issues. With the foundation of trust, she delivers comprehensive treatment for her patient's optimal health.