Weight Loss Support:

Relationships with Weight and Hormonal Imbalances:

Acupuncture is a complimentary bonus for weight loss support. How is this possible? When the central nervous system (CNS) gets worked up, your body has more tendency to go and fill itself with comfort foods. Imagine, if this automatic reaction can be reduced or even eliminated, the greater advantage of fighting off fatigue, bloating and excess weight would be for you. Research has shown when the nervous system is calm it becomes less reactive to emotional upsets and acupuncture is an excellent remedy at diminishing emotional eating urges. Beginning with your adrenal glands which secretes a sugar and fat soluble stress hormone called cortisol. This is a natural anti-inflammatory hormone regulated by CNS via the body’s endocrine system. Cortisol’s primary function is designed to stop the body from becoming over stressed. But, when long-term stress is endured, havoc to your body occurs. At Chah AcuTherapy we restore the imbalances that cause your adrenal glands to be under or over actively functioning. Other factors such as an under-active thyroid or sluggish gallbladder can also bring havoc with equal signs and symptoms of fatigue, unexplainable bloating, tendon pain and weight gain. Your standard blood lab reports often miss the non-threatening signs of under active organs. This makes one to believe all is well and normal despite the unexplainable cause of your ailing symptoms.

When your body, mind, and spirit have endured long-term or sudden stressful disharmony, your hormones become an imbalanced sugar and fat factory. Mainly because the liver is not able to convert or store the excess secretion of cortisol to usable energy. So, instead, the liver dumps the excess sugar into belly fat. Acupuncture not only calms the CNS but also supports your hormonal and weight gain imbalances through natural herbal medicine, compassionate mentoring and nutritional guidance specific to your constitution. We feel confident our program will help balance and restore your hormonal system and have inches of fat melt away. Remember, a calmer balanced nervous system creates less cortisol secretion and less cortisol contributes to less excess belly fat.

Keep in mind there are many conditions that effect the body’s metabolism, all of which can easily contribute to weight gain challenges. Acupuncture is one of many ways to combat unwanted weight. Our homeopathic Acupuncture Injection Therapy with fat burning botanicals is part of our “burn off unwanted weight” program. When both weight and hormones are rebalanced and energetically restored, the unexplainable spiraling path of health issues such as weight gain, chronic pain, and fatigue can be stopped. Our program factors the mind, body aspects of your life through a variety of natural health care support. We also provide an easy Detox your Gut Syndromes program. All our programs are designed specifically for you. With our guidance and your compliance, together, we can restore vital health and balance for a sustainable life style weight loss progression. It’s more than a diet.


Three Wellness Weight Loss Programs to choose:

Tone Up! Weight Loss Package Includes: (30 Day Program)

  • 5 Weekly Biopuncture Injections Therapy with Homeopathic Lipotropic Fat Burners
  • 1 Bottle of Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops (30 day supply)

Fast Track Weight Loss Package Includes: (6 Week Program)

  • 10 Acupuncture Sessions (Includes Initial Visit and 5 Biopuncture Therapy )
  • 5 of 10 Sessions are Injection Therapies with Homeopathic Lipotropic Fat Burners
  • Weight and Blood Pressure documentation

Health Saver Weight Loss Package Includes: (3 Month Program)

  • 10 Acupuncture Sessions (Includes Initial visit and 10 Biopuncture Therapy)
  • 10 of 10 Sessions are Injection Therapies with Homeopathic Lipotropic Fat Burners and B12
  • Pre and Post weight, Fat Body Mass, and Blood Pressure measurement documentation
  • 2 Bottles of Herbal weight loss medicine
  • 4 Weight Management support calls (15 minutes per call)
    (Based on Level of Gut health, the Gut Syndrome Detox Buster may be recommended as a
necessary preliminary option, of which, is not included in this program)
  • Vitamin B12 unites with methionine, inositol, and choline to help increase energy while boosting the metabolism. Making it a great adjunctive mix for weight loss.* 

Our signature weight-loss program focuses on re-balancing your body’s cellular system for better metabolic simulation. Your body is automatically capable of self-restoration, the exception is when your health is both emotionally and physically toxic. When your cellular elimination processes are impaired, your body becomes more deficient at self-restoration. Oriental medicine diagnosis identify deficiencies or excesses of the body as “Qi” (chi) blockages. Your vital organs are energetically either under or over working at maintaining harmony. Long-term imbalances makes it difficult for the body to self- regulate. Medications, random exercises and healthy food habits alone will not maintain long-term good health if cellular communication operations remain unbalanced. Symptomatic relief creates short term results. Acupuncture is an excellent therapy for facilitating the body’s cellular harmony. When specific points are stimulated, it elicits a healing effect that activates the body’s innate ionic transference of waste by-products and nutrient circulation. Hence, when “Qi” blockages are removed, proper cellular communication is restored. Oriental Medicine has a unique diagnostic system that has worked over 3000 years. Once we configure your unique composition, we then craft a plan that will naturally whittle away pounds bearing in mind contributing factors to weight-loss obstacles such as diabetes, underactive thyroid, stress, poor gut flora, cholesterol health, adrenal fatigue and other nutritional, recreational, and medical consumptions.

NOTE: Our customized weight-loss programs are specific for each patient and is not centered on low-calorie, or intensive monitored diets.