Danielle Mastrogiovanni, Acupuncturist Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

danielle mastrogiovanni doctor of acupuncture

Dr. Danielle Mastrogiovanni found her passion for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine through a personal medical experience of her own. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) in 1998. After 12 years of depending on expensive drugs & colonoscopies, she was determined to lead a normal life, med free. Soon after, she was referred to an acupuncturist and is proud to say she has been off meds and symptom free since 2010!

When Dr. D. began acupuncture treatment for UC, she was so fascinated by the results, she decided to make a career change and enroll in Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, where they specialize in pulse and diagnosis. After graduating with a 4 year Master's Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science, she was inspired to further her studies by pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Internal Medicine at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM). There, she spent 2 years learning from the best medical doctors and herbalists from China.

After her life changing experience with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Dr D is committed to sharing the benefits of this medicine with her patients. She specializes in digestive disorders, infertility, stress and anxiety, but encourages anyone seeking relief from any medical ailment to consult with her. She also welcomes those interested in using acupuncture as a preventative medicine.

Terrified of needles? Fear no more. Dr D studied Korean Hand Therapy. This is a needleless form of acupuncture that achieves the same benefits, but with tiny, yet powerful magnets placed on your hands. In addition, her bilingual abilities allow her to communicate with the Hispanic population here in South Florida, allowing for a broader range of individuals to benefit from this medicine.